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The other tab allows you to specify images which you wish to resize by setting image size and extensions. Also you can set whether you want to add the promo code to your image and if you want to see the confirmation dialog box each time you upload a photo.

Web Image Converter - Settings Dialog- Other tab

Image Settings - Other tab

  • Restriction by size

    Here you can specify the minimum size for Web Image Converter to resize your photos. By default the size is set to 100Kb. This means that only images bigger than 100Kb will be resized by Web Image Converter. This is because images smaller then 100Kb are already small enough to be uploaded quickly. If you want Web Image Converter to resize all images, regardless of size, you should uncheck the "Resize image bigger than" box.

  • Restriction by image type

    Here you can specify image types to be resized. By default all image types are selected.

    For example: If you want Web Image Converter to work only for JPG images, you should uncheck all check boxes except jpg.

  • Always ask before converting images

    By default, every time Web Image Converter detects images being uploaded, it shows a confirmation dialog box where you can choose to convert or to not convert the image.

    If you want Web Image Converter always convert images and you don't want to see the confirmation dialog, then you should uncheck this check box.

    It's recommended to have this box checked for some period of time, so you can always cancel the conversion in the event you did not intend to convert the specific image.

  • Help promote Web Image Converter

    When this box is checked, Web Image Converter adds "Converter by" text to every resized image. By default it is checked and you can't uncheck it unless you buy the product license. To learn more click here.

    NOTE: Web Image Converter is absolutely free with promo code. You don't need to pay any money unless you would like to purchase the product, which enables you to convert your images without the promotional code being added.

Image Settings | Sites Settings | Other