Simple Web Image Converter scenario


Navigate to the website where you want to upload photos. Select photos for upload and start uploading.

Image Upload

Web Image Converter detects that you're uploading photos, which prompts a dialog box. You can choose not to show the pop up dialog box in the future. You can do this by unchecking the box "Always ask before converting images".

Free Image Converter confirmation dialog

You can select:
"Yes" to convert the image(s) and then upload the converted image(s)
"No" to upload the original image(s)
"Cancel" to cancel the upload.


If you selected "Yes" in the previous dialog box, then you'll see the convertion progress and after the convertion is complete, the image is automatically uploaded to the website.

Free Image Converter resizing progress

Settings dialog

Web Image Converter provides you with multiple settings. To learn more about Free Image Converter for IE settings click here.